Deathpod (deathpod) wrote,

Yet Another Year

This year has been so insane that my head hurts whenever I try to think about it all. I started off the year in a new town surrounded by new people. I got a great job, and even though it didn't pay the greatestI was doing something I enjoy and couldn't wait to go to work everyday. Then my boss ended up being a flake and closed up the shop. Not only was I out of a job, but he stiffed me on the last month of pay I was owed. Then I was offered a job at Domino's, which wasn't that great of an offer at first but I was going to be put strait into the management program and that would have been worth while. The major draw back to that was I had to move back to the area I had just left. I had been wanting to get away from here for years, and here I was coming back. I ended up staying with an old friend of mine and his mom. Now here I was back here trying to avoid all the people I was pissed at when I left. The only one that I was still talking to (besides the people I was living with) was a girl that I had known for quite a few years. But as it turns out I should have never been talking to her because she's the one that started all the shit between me and everyone else. She put herself on some kind of pedestal and played some fucking game with everyone, while making herself seem such a great friend to everyone. Fucking cunt. Then while I'm waiting to start my job, the owner of the store approaches me with an offer for me to start my own computer shop. Of course I jump at the chance (who wouldn't). I pour all my time and effort into this venture and everything seems to be coming together nicely. Then the forward momentum starts slowing down drastically. There are issues with the building inspector (among other things) and it seems like everything that can go wrong does. I ended up moving into the guy's house that was helping me. I was working part time at Domino's and trying to survive while waiting to be able to open my shop. To make a long story short, too many problems were involved in getting that shop open and the guy just decided to give up. Then I got a 24 hour notice to leave (how grand). Now I'm staying with a friend and trying to figure out my next move. I'm planning to move to California, just trying to come up with the money to get there. Going to try starting out fresh with a new love, new scenery, and a new life all together. I meant for this post to be a lot longer, but I'm just tired of writing it. Just trying to go over my complete bullshit of a year. To top it all off I just realized that my license expired today. Happy fucking birthday to me.
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Happy Birthday, Ray.
hey you. where are you? Where have you been? I miss talking to you and would like to catch up sometime...