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Yet Another Year [21 Jan 2006|01:29pm]
This year has been so insane that my head hurts whenever I try to think about it all. I started off the year in a new town surrounded by new people. I got a great job, and even though it didn't pay the greatestI was doing something I enjoy and couldn't wait to go to work everyday. Then my boss ended up being a flake and closed up the shop. Not only was I out of a job, but he stiffed me on the last month of pay I was owed. Then I was offered a job at Domino's, which wasn't that great of an offer at first but I was going to be put strait into the management program and that would have been worth while. The major draw back to that was I had to move back to the area I had just left. I had been wanting to get away from here for years, and here I was coming back. I ended up staying with an old friend of mine and his mom. Now here I was back here trying to avoid all the people I was pissed at when I left. The only one that I was still talking to (besides the people I was living with) was a girl that I had known for quite a few years. But as it turns out I should have never been talking to her because she's the one that started all the shit between me and everyone else. She put herself on some kind of pedestal and played some fucking game with everyone, while making herself seem such a great friend to everyone. Fucking cunt. Then while I'm waiting to start my job, the owner of the store approaches me with an offer for me to start my own computer shop. Of course I jump at the chance (who wouldn't). I pour all my time and effort into this venture and everything seems to be coming together nicely. Then the forward momentum starts slowing down drastically. There are issues with the building inspector (among other things) and it seems like everything that can go wrong does. I ended up moving into the guy's house that was helping me. I was working part time at Domino's and trying to survive while waiting to be able to open my shop. To make a long story short, too many problems were involved in getting that shop open and the guy just decided to give up. Then I got a 24 hour notice to leave (how grand). Now I'm staying with a friend and trying to figure out my next move. I'm planning to move to California, just trying to come up with the money to get there. Going to try starting out fresh with a new love, new scenery, and a new life all together. I meant for this post to be a lot longer, but I'm just tired of writing it. Just trying to go over my complete bullshit of a year. To top it all off I just realized that my license expired today. Happy fucking birthday to me.
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What Day Is It?? [18 Dec 2005|03:13am]
I went out tonight and watched my roommate's band play. I think they have more talent than even they realize. In a few hours I have to wake up and travel about 3 to 4 hours to be in a video they're filming. I've been drinking all night so I'm not sure how all this is coming out, but fuck it. I wish someone would have been online tonight that I really wanted to talk to, but I guess I'll talk to her tomorrow. If she reads this I hope she knows that I love her and miss her very much.
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When Good Concerts Go Bad [20 Oct 2005|05:44pm]
So the other night I went to see GWAR. A friend of mine from out of town went with me, so we just got a room in Orlando rather than him drive all the way back home after the show. We also decided to be lazy and took a cab from the motel to the show. As always the concert was great. It was the first time Dylan had seen GWAR and he wasn't disappointed. We were in the front row so we were drenched. When we got outside we asked a cabbie if he knew where Old Town was because we needed to get to the Days Inn that was next to it. *Old Town is basicly a tourist trap spot with some shops, a couple bars, and a few amusement park rides* He said he knew where it was so we got in the cab and were off. Well after driving for 20 minutes he gets on the CB and asks the guy at dispatch how to get there. My jaw nearly hit the floor. I couldn't believe this guy drove for 20 minutes and had no idea where he was going. So the dispatch guy tells him he was going the opposite direction. When we finally get to where we're going the fare was $31.50. It only cost us $15.50 to get to the show. He said he would reduce the fare to $25.00 and I still told him to kiss our ass. I got out of the cab and called the number that was on the side. I told them that I wanted to talk to a supervisor cause one of their cabbies were trying to rip us off. Dylan told the cab driver that he would pay him $15.00 cause that's what we paid to get to the place. I told him not to even pay him that because he shouldn't get a fucking dime for getting lost and then trying to charge us for his mistake. Then the cabbie gets out and gets up in my face and starts yelling at me. I told him he needed to get out of my face before I knocked his ass out in middle of the parking lot. He got back in his cab and started to take off, but I had his back door open. I told his supervisor that he better get on the radio and tell his cabbie to put his car in park. The cabbie gets out again and starts yelling and coming toward me. So I looked at him, told him I was going to kick his ass, then chased him around the cab. He got in his cab and took off. He ended up getting the $15 from Dylan, which I wasn't happy about, but decided "Fuck it". We started walking to a fast food place but they were closed and so we decided to go back to the room, get a well needed shower, and pass out. Then a cop pulls up, YAY. I knew she was there for me so I just walked up to her car. She got out and asked if we were arguing with a cabbie in front of the motel. I said it was me and started to tell her everything that happened. I didn't even think about what we looked like until the cop looked at Dylan and asked "What the hell happened to you??". Here we were covered from head to toe in fake blood and trying to explain why to the police. He said it was fake and she said it didn't look like it, it looked more like someone beat the shit out of him. I was trying to assure her that it was fake and we just came from a concert where the band dowses the crowd with fake blood.Then the back-up unit arrives, gets out of his car, and says "What the fuck happened to them??". They then tell us that the security guard at the motel called in a disturbance call. I told the the whole story of what happened and they let us go after a few minutes. We then went strait to our room and got the night over with. And that is how I saved Christmas.
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*PISSED OFF* [13 Oct 2005|12:47pm]
I went to one of the places I hate most in life today, Ticketmaster. The machine was down (as it usually seems to be) at the location I went to. They told me to go to another location that is like 3 towns away. So I have to drive 30 miles out of my way, waste more gas than I care to, and STILL have to pay the extra money to cover their "Convenience Charge". I sure as hell don't see any "convenience" in driving 60 extra miles because they can't keep all their computers up and running properly. I fucking hate Ticketmaster.
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Tired... [05 Sep 2005|05:49pm]
Why does everything in this country have to turn into a racial thing?? I'm not saying the government didn't completely fuck up when it came to getting relief in there quickly, but if people are going to be pissed, be pissed for the right reasons. When are people going to stop trying to start a race war over everything that happens?? YES, the retard known as Bush fucked up (nothing unusual there), but there are millions of other white people doing everything they can to help out. And everytime someone says that nobody cares about the people stranded and dying in New Orleans because the majority of them are black, I feel that they are spitting in the face of all those people that are trying to help. And as far as people throwing a fit because of the idea of shooting looters on sight, fuck them too. Someone going around looting, burning down buildings, raping, and shooting at innocents are doing nothing but taking advantage of the country when it's in middle of a major crisis. In my opinion that is treason, and the penalty for treason is death.
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Do You Have To Be Completely Stupid To Be Famous?? [03 Sep 2005|03:33am]
Celebrities do some of the dumbest shit and it amazes me that they never even realize it. I was scanning through the channels and I stopped on VH1 where they were talking about some new ad thing Tommy Lee was doing for PETA. Apparently the ad has him posing naked with the message "Be comfortable in your own skin and let animals keep theirs". Immediately following this piece of news VH1 played Tommy's new video. In the video Tommy is wearing a nice thick leather wristband. Now if you want to jump on some holy crusade bandwagon, more power to ya. Just try not to look like a dumb ass hypocrite while you're doing it.
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Who Cares?? [24 Jul 2005|01:27pm]
I'm so bored with this terrorism warning level crap. The whole thing is pointless. Even if you knew for a fact that they were going to attack, there's no way of knowing when, where, or what they were going to do. Everyday I see that this stupid level has elevated but I've never seen it lowered. So is there supposed to be like 30,000 levels to this thing or something?? "Hey, we've made this warning system to let you know that some crazy person somewhere might try and kill some people, at some point". Well there's some useful information buddy, nothing we didn't already know BEFORE 9-11. I don't think I've ever seen the Cry Wolf senerio on such a massive level.
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[12 Jun 2005|08:45am]
The twisted scars in my mind are a vivid reminder of how much pain life can inflict. They say "That which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger". But what they fail to mention is it only makes you stronger in all the wrong ways. You're strength comes from built up frustration and rage. It doesn't matter to you anymore that someone hasn't done you any wrong, you find yourself wanting to break them apart anyway. And when someone comes along that actually does do you wrong, there isn't enough pain in this world to rain down on them. You become distant and eventually you don't fit in with anyone, even those that were once closest to you. I want off this ride, it's making me sick......
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More Broken Shit [04 May 2005|10:00pm]
Thunderstoms are so cool....
Till your fucking network card gets popped from a surge.
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Don't Hold Your Breath [22 Apr 2005|09:28am]
I got my hospital bill in yesterday. They charged me $991. They must be out of their fucking minds if they think I'm going to pay that. They charged me for emergency services. They had me waiting around for a little over 5 hours, if that's their idea of an emergency service then I guess I would still be waiting if it was a non-emergency. They only spent 10 minutes on me from start to finish, $1000 for 10 minutes worth of work?? What kind of job warrants the pay of $6000 an hour?? I mean it was 8 little stitches, it's not like they had to re-attach my fucking hand or something.
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