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Why does everything in this country have to turn into a racial thing?? I'm not saying the government didn't completely fuck up when it came to getting relief in there quickly, but if people are going to be pissed, be pissed for the right reasons. When are people going to stop trying to start a race war over everything that happens?? YES, the retard known as Bush fucked up (nothing unusual there), but there are millions of other white people doing everything they can to help out. And everytime someone says that nobody cares about the people stranded and dying in New Orleans because the majority of them are black, I feel that they are spitting in the face of all those people that are trying to help. And as far as people throwing a fit because of the idea of shooting looters on sight, fuck them too. Someone going around looting, burning down buildings, raping, and shooting at innocents are doing nothing but taking advantage of the country when it's in middle of a major crisis. In my opinion that is treason, and the penalty for treason is death.
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